Why do you need to hire a professional safe driver in Dubai?

Any person who is caught drinking and driving is taken into account to be violating the Federal Traffic Law No 21, enacted in 1995, which stipulates that such violators are to be fined or jailed up to 2 years or fined and jailed. In a city like Dubai where there is high traffic, most of the time you have to follow the rules strictly otherwise, you will get traffic fines. Sometimes you feel like roads are quite confusing. This is why you need to hire a professional Safe Driver Dubai.

What is Safe Driver

A Safe Driver Service is that you can hire a Private Driver to drive your own car so that you can travel safely in your own car. You can hire Safe driver services from Awesome Drive for

  • Business Trips
  • Conferences
  • Leisure Trips
  • Airport Transfers
  • Day Trips
  • Private Tours
  • Evenings
  • Events
  • Weddings

Benefits of hiring a professional safe driver in Dubai:

Time Saving

Professional drivers aim to get you to your destination within the scheduled time. Do you know how they achieve this?

Our drivers will make themselves aware of any road works ahead, traffic on the road, preventing any chances of sudden delay for you. They know where will be traffic congestion when they drive which helps them to take alternative routes. There’s nothing worse than keeping someone waiting for you, especially a customer, as it will not give good impressions. Being on time or early shows your professionalism, and gives you time to prepare for the tasks upfront and relax.

Make you Professional

Arriving at a meeting or business event in a chauffeur-driven car can help you look professional and sophisticated. This will create a great impression on you and your business partners. Also, you could hire a chauffeur driver to pick up one of your customers/clients ahead of an important event or meeting. This will prove the professionalism of your company and helps for building a trusting and solid relationship.

Our drivers have vast knowledge in many specific areas like restaurants, hotels, cafes so if you are new and unknown to an area, chauffeur drivers can guide you to take clients on future business meetings. This is a big advantage of our safe driver and helps you get to know these areas for the future.


Hiring a Driver for your business travel, allowing you to sit back and relax in comfort, letting your driver do the worrying of getting to your location. This gives you more time to prepare for any last-minute work.

Although some people like to drive themselves, if your mind is focusing elsewhere, this could be dangerous, so we will give you confidence in our reliability. This is also a good idea if you wanted to enjoy a few drinks at the event too. A bonus with this driver service means you don’t have to worry about parking!

At Awesome Drive, we specialize in providing safe Drivers across Dubai. We pride ourselves on proving safety, reliability, punctuality, expertness, affordability, time management.

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