Hire a Safe driver Dubai @ AED 80

We provides safe driving services at an affordable price. You can hire a safe driver Dubai for your trip from Awesome Drive Dubai to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other Emirates.

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Hire a Safe driver @ AED 80


Hire a Safe driver Dubai
Most Trusted Private Driver Service in UAE

Required Safe driver Dubai? Call +971 52 894 8931 to hire a driver in Dubai.

Are you not in a position to drive your car? Hiring a safe driver Dubai is the best thing to do if you are in Dubai and Awesome Drive is the best safe Driver Company. Awesome Drive welcomes you to a chauffeur-driven service. It is a driver company operating in Dubai.

When you are in search of hiring a  driver in Dubai then awesome drive is your one stop solution. We have a lot of experience that provides an innovative and unique chauffeur service to the people in the UAE public. When you are looking for a safe driver who is reliable and can take you to your loved ones and with comfort, we have the best private drivers you will find anywhere in Dubai. We are specialists when it comes to offering safe driver services. We will not let you down in your hunt for the best driver service in Dubai.

We understand the importance of providing people in Dubai with a safe transportation option to reach night life in Dubai, restaurants and parties. Customers can call, message us via WhatsApp or book a service via our website, and we will arrange for a driver to take them to their desired location in their own car. Our company is authorized by the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) to supply Personal, Private and corporate drivers in Dubai. We are committed to helping everyone in Dubai get where they need to go in a timely and reliable manner for an affordable price – all while maintaining 24*7 availability.

At Awesome Drive, we specialize in providing Corporate Drivers for business travel, Airport Transfers, and long or short-term hire. Our services encompass Business Trips, Conferences, and Business Leisure Trips as well as arrivals, departures, and hotel transfers. Plus, if you’re taking a break in Dubai, you can take advantage of our safe drivers for day trips, nights out, evenings out, and special events. You can make use of drivers for Long/Short period such as Daily, Weekly and Monthly  Driver.


Call  +971 52 894 8931 or Whatsapp and let us know when and where you want the Driver to pick you up from, or book online and we’ll call you back to confirm your booking.


Our team leader will drop your designated driver to your required location usually 15 minutes before pickup time and will give you a call.


Have a safe journey to your destination in the comfort of your own car with our professional chauffeur.

Hire a driver in Dubai

Get Our Sober Driver Service When Your Are In No Condition to Drive

Dubai is absolutely intolerantly to drink and drive. Our drivers are law abiding and will always refrain to drive under the influence of alcohol. As per the article no.10.6. any driver who is found guilty will be prosecuted and a penalty in terms of fine, imprisonment and/or a minimum fine of AED 25,000 as per the article no 49.6 of the traffic law.

Our drivers have years of experience and are highly skilled. Our designated drivers will take you home safely in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle. We are the Best Corporate Driver Company Dubai.

About Awesome Driver, Best Safe Driver Dubai

We are Awesome Drive, the most trusted private driver service in the UAE. We specialize in safe driver services, and our Chauffeur service is second to none. Our professional designated drivers will get you to your destination safely and conveniently, so you can relax and enjoy your evening without worrying about driving. Whether you’ve had a few too many drinks or just don’t feel like driving, we’re here to help. Book a ride with us today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in good hands.

Whether you’re a busy professional who doesn’t have time to drive yourself around, or you simply want to relax and enjoy the ride while someone else takes care of the driving, Awesome Drive is here to help. We provide professional chauffeurs to meet all your requirements, so you can focus on what’s important to you.

If you require a driver for a day, week or monthly, Awesome Drive can provide you with professional and experienced chauffeurs who will ensure that you arrive at your destination safely and on time. We understand that safety is paramount, especially when travelling in an unfamiliar city, which is why all our drivers are fully trained and insured. So whether you’re visiting Dubai for business or pleasure, we’ve got you covered. So why not sit back, relax and let us take care of the driving.

If you’re looking for a safe driver Dubai, you can’t go wrong with our private driver service. We’re specialists when it comes to offering safe driving services, and we’re proud to provide chauffeur service with our professional designated drivers. This way, you can get to your destination safely and conveniently, without having to worry about being under the influence of alcohol. Plus, our drivers are always up-to-date on the latest safety procedures and regulations, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about our safe driver services in Dubai.

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What are the benefits of hiring a safe driver from Awesome Drive in Dubai?

When it comes to navigating the bustling streets of Dubai, hiring a safe driver is not just a luxury but a necessity. Choosing Awesome Drive for your safe driver Dubai ensures that you are entrusting your life and the well-being of others to reliable professionals who prioritize safety above all else. With their expertise and meticulous attention to detail, these experienced drivers possess an innate understanding of the city’s traffic regulations, road signs, and local driving culture. Their extensive knowledge allows them to anticipate potential hazards before they even arise, ensuring smooth journeys without any unnecessary risks or delays. Furthermore, by opting for a safe driver from Awesome Drive, passengers can simply sit back and relax while enjoying the scenic views or attending important meetings – free from stress about parking difficulties or unfamiliar routes. Whether you require transportation for leisurely outings or business-related commitments, choosing a safe driver in Dubai will undoubtedly enhance your overall experience in this vibrant city.


+971 52 894 8931

The operator will call back immediately
and Confirm the booking with the cost of travel
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Safe Driver Dubai
Safe Driver Dubai

We provide Chauffeur service with our professional designated driver’s to drives customers safely to their destinations in the convenience and safety of their own car when they are not in a position to drive due to influence of alcohol.

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Outsourced/ Corporate Drivers

Awesome Drive provides professional chauffeurs to meet all your requirements.If you require a driver for a day, week or monthly Awesome Drive can provide you with professional and experienced chauffeurs.

safe driver dubai
RTA Registration Service

We will Pick your vehicle from your office or home, and get the mandatory inspection done, once passing is done Successfully we will then get the vehicle registration renewed & drop off the vehicle to your designated location.

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Packers and Movers in Dubai

Choosing the right packers and movers is beneficial as it helps in easy relocation. It is inexpensive and everything is included in a single package. The best part of professional movers is their efficiency and integrity.

Chauffeur services in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is acclaimed with luxury and class which is why chauffeur services are ideal for travelers & residents in Dubai. Avoid the crowds on Dubai in the roads with your private chauffeur from Awesome Driver, The Best Safe Driver Dubai. Private chauffeur service in UAE is the ideal way to get around on your tour of Dubai. Call +971 52 894 8931 to make booking the best rates easy!

The benefits of hiring a Drivers from Awesome Drive

Dubai is a fast paced city with cars zooming in at high speed and at times after you are a couple of drinks down you feel like not driving a car.
So, what will you do?

Obviously, you will look for a safe driver in Dubai. In that case you need a Personal driver in Dubai who is well aware of the routes. He has to be a driver and trustworthy. Plan your weekend or party for the entire night, you will be just unstoppable when you have a Sober Driver In Dubai to pick you up when you are not sober enough. The driver is just a phone call away. You don’t have to worry about how to reach home after the party cos the  driver will be at your service. Be it you and your friends who are not sober enough, you will safely return to your home at the comfort of your car, which is the priority of the personel driver.

The Sober drivers are on time to pick you up and you will not worry about reaching the event late and be back safely. You might party anywhere but you still have to return back home. The sober driver will be there to give you quality pick and drop service anywhere in Dubai. The driver is so reliable that he will be there in no time and you can sit back and be safe in the professional hands. By hiring a private driver in Dubai you certainly are making the right decision else driving in an abbreviated condition you are not putting your life at risk but also other’s lives.

Your fun night will surely have a great ending when the  driver will ensure that you slip into the back seat safely and take you to your home. Sounds nice, isn’t it?
Next time you party the thing that should be on your check list are your outfit, accessories, wallet and a private driver in Dubai.

A safe driver service is a service, which provides drivers to the people who cannot drive to the physical conditions or other road conditions.

Hiring a safe driver with in Dubai city limits AED 80 only, and from Dubai to Sharjah it is AED 150.

Awesome Drive always make sure that our drivers the pickup point in less than 30 minutes of your booking.

Our Drivers will wait for a maximum of 10 mins and if the wait time exceeds 10 mins the booking will be automatically canceled. The cancellation will be charged a fee of AED 15.

This is highly unlikely, however, if it happens you can contact the assigned driver or contact us immediately if the driver does not arrive within 30 minutes from the time of acceptance of your trip.

Customers can Call +971 52 894 8931 to book a driver in Dubai or can Book online through our website.

Our drives are available 24/7 at your service. Call anytime anywhere in Dubai @ +971 52 894 8931

Yes. Our drivers will take you anywhere and stop at multiple locations as per your requirement.

Customers can request to cancel a driver 90 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time.

You can Pay by cash.

Our drivers are registered with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) who will help the customers reach their destinations in the safety and comfort of their own vehicles.
Your safety is our utmost priority. Our drivers undergo a rigorous screening process and are hired only after that. The training process includes police clearance, RTA Permit card, professionalism, knowledge and years of driving experience in UAE.
All our chauffeurs are safe drivers who strictly follow the traffic laws of UAE. They have hands on experience in driving all types of vehicles, you can be rest assured that your car is in safe hands with our Drivers.

Why Should You Hire a Personal Driver in Dubai?
  • If you’re a hotel, you would bring exceptional value to your guests’ experiences you can call us and book a driver
  • Save time and remove the stress of getting parking and go for dinner/business meeting
  • Safe journey on your own can be driven by our driver
  • Protect your health by avoiding public transport in the time of the pandemic
  • Business meetings feel more professional and less exhausting
  • Finally, the comfort of a world-class driver from Awesome Drive

Give yourself a fantastic safe driver service experience with the professional chauffeur services of Awesome Drive, in Dubai. Here you will find highly experienced safe drivers waiting for you to ride and explore the United Arab Emirates with your family, business meeting or friends in the comfort of your own car. Awesome Drive is a Dubai based Safe Driver company that offers private drivers in Dubai to tourists and natives.

Whether you need a corporate car driver to receive your business clients from the airport or need chauffeur service at the price of a cab to meet friends, we have got you covered with our safe driver services.


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We are Ready to Take Your Call 24 Hours, 7 Days!

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We are the Best Safe Driver Company Dubai. Driver required in Dubai? Call +971 52 894 8931 to hire a driver in Dubai.


They offer the best driver service in the town. Professional designated drivers and awesome customer service! I highly recommend their service. Thank you for keeping UAE roads safe.

Taimoor Khurshid

Dubai, UAE

Very professional safe driver service company in Dubai! Always on time, very competitive price and very nice driver. See you soon!!!!

Royal Continental Suites

Dubai, UAE

Mr. Zulficar and his team are really Awesome! The service is World Class.
I have used them multiple times. Every time on time and very professional! Highly recommended!

Cobus Foster

Dubai, UAE
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