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Required Safe driver Dubai? Call +971 52 894 8931 to hire a driver in Dubai.

Hire a safe driver Dubai from Awesome Drive. Welcome to Awesome Drive, an emerging chauffeur service and safe driver company based in Dubai, Awesome Drive has years of experienced safe driver’s in providing an innovative and unique chauffeur service to the UAE public, With Dubai’s existing and expanding number of bars and restaurants, we felt that a dynamic and safer transport service was required, whereby the customer can call, WhatsApp us or book online and we send you a  Safe driver to drive customers to their destinations in the comfort and safety of their own vehicles. We are registered with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to outsource Private, Personal & Corporate Drivers to customers, with an honest objective to assist everybody to reach their destination timely, safely, comfortably and above all, cost-effectively. We are known for many matters and one of them is we actively and passionately offer services round the clock. We are proud to say that we are the most affordable and best company in Dubai.


Call  +971 52 894 8931 or Whatsapp and let us know when and where you want the Safe Driver to pick you up from, or book online and we’ll call you back to confirm your booking.


Our team leader will drop your designated driver to your required location usually 15 minutes before pickup time and will give you a call.


Have a safe journey to your destination in the comfort of your own car with our professional chauffeur.

Hire a driver in Dubai

Get Our Sober Driver Service When Your Are In No Condition to Drive

According to UAE legal law, there is zero tolerance to drink and drive. The Traffic Law driver of any vehicle shall abstain from driving under the effect of the alcohol by the Article No. 10.6. The driver who violates this law shall be the subject of criminal sanctions - fine, imprisonment and/or a minimum fine of twenty-five thousand Dhs (AED 25,000) as per Article No. 49.6 of the Traffic Law.

With our highly skilled and experienced sober driver’s by the side, everyone has the opportunity to celebrate life's moments. Our designate driver will drive you safely in the comfort and privacy of your car. We are the Best Corporate Driver Company Dubai.


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The operator will call back immediately
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Safe Driver Services

We provide Chauffeur service with our professional designated driver’s to drives customers safely to their destinations in the convenience and safety of their own car when they are not in a position to drive due to influence of alcohol.

Car Service Pick-Up/ Drop-Off

We will happily pick up your vehicle from home or office (Dubai / Sharjah), then drive it to your designated service station to be serviced and we will drop-off the car at your designated location anywhere in UAE.

RTA Registration Service
RTA Registration Service

We will Pick your vehicle from your office or home, and get the mandatory inspection done, once passing is done Successfully we will then get the vehicle registration renewed & drop off the vehicle to your designated location.

school pickup
School pick & drop service Dubai

Our drivers are extremely friendly and have complete knowledge of Dubai. The driver will be trained to drive the kids safe & keep the trust of the clients.  Your kids will be in safe hands of our driver.

Packers and Movers in Dubai

Choosing the right packers and movers is beneficial as it helps in easy relocation. It is inexpensive and everything is included in a single package. The best part of professional movers is their efficiency and integrity.

Corporate Drivers
Outsourced/ Corporate Drivers

Awesome Drive provides professional chauffeurs to meet all your requirements.If you require a driver for a day, week or monthly Awesome Drive can provide you with professional and experienced chauffeurs.

Chauffeur services in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is acclaimed with luxury and class which is why chauffeur services are ideal for travelers & residents in Dubai. Avoid the crowds on Dubai in the roads with your private chauffeur from Awesome Driver, The Best Safe Driver Dubai. Private chauffeur service in UAE is the ideal way to get around on your tour of Dubai. Call +971 52 894 8931 to make booking the best rates easy!

The benefits of hiring a Safe driver in Dubai

Dubai is a fast paced city with cars zooming in at high speed and at times after you are a couple of drinks down you feel like not driving a car.
So, what will you do?

Obviously, you will look for a safe driver in Dubai. In that case you need a Personal driver in Dubai who is well aware of the routes. He has to be a safe driver and trustworthy. Plan your weekend or party for the entire night, you will be just unstoppable when you have a Sober Driver In Dubai to pick you up when you are not sober enough. The Safe driver is just a phone call away. You don’t have to worry about how to reach home after the party cos the  Safe driver will be at your service. Be it you and your friends who are not sober enough, you will safely return to your home at the comfort of your car, which is the priority of the safe driver.

The Safe drivers are on time to pick you up and you will not worry about reaching the event late and be back safely. You might party anywhere but you still have to return back home. The sober driver will be there to give you quality pick and drop service anywhere in Dubai. The Safe driver is so reliable that he will be there in no time and you can sit back and be safe in the professional hands. By hiring a private driver in Dubai you certainly are making the right decision else driving in an abbreviated condition you are not putting your life at risk but also other’s lives.

Your fun night will surely have a great ending when the Safe driver will ensure that you slip into the back seat safely and take you to your home. Sounds nice, isn’t it?
Next time you party the thing that should be on your check list are your outfit, accessories, wallet and a safe driver.


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