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Hire a Driver in Dubai! Awesome Drive has years of experienced safe driver’s in providing an innovative and unique chauffeur services to the UAE public. With Dubai’s existing and expanding number of bars and restaurants, we felt that a dynamic and safer transport service was required, whereby you call us and we send you a driver to drive you in comfort of your own car!.

We are pleased to welcome you to Awesome Drive, an emerging safe driver and chauffeur service company based in Dubai, UAE with an honest objective to help everybody reach their destination timely, safely, comfortably and above all, cost-effectively. We are known for many matters and one of them is we actively and passionately offer services round the clock. We are proud to say that we are the most affordable company in Dubai.

  • Our drivers are highly licensed, qualified, trained, sophisticated and know road rules.
  • Our drivers know the city and other areas very well. So, they do not just drop or pick up but also, give you a full city tour if you are here to see Dubai.
  • Our drivers can help you in planning the city tour so that you get to save your time and can maximum places in Dubai.
  • Our drivers are on time pickups and drops.
  • Our prices are most competitive in the market. We also believe in giving bulky discounts to our customers.
  • If you are traveling with the family then, you and your family comfortably enjoy the safe car ride.
  • We provide customized packages to our customers.

Hire a Driver in Dubai

The Finest Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are the most important part of our business. We spend more time acquiring the very best drivers because our clients deserve and expect excellence. Experienced and refined in the art of chauffeuring, these gentlemen are the very finest in their field.

Our Quality

True Ladies & Gents

Dressed in smart, dark suits our chauffeurs are immaculately presented. All of our chauffeurs are experienced professionals. They all have excellent topographical knowledge of UAE.

Our Skills

Driven to Serve

Our selection process looks at the drivers attitude and commitment to service, as much as their driving and topographical skills. Nothing is too much trouble for an Awesome Drive chauffeur, they take pride in their work with an aim to provide the highest level of service. Our client testimonials echo our belief in this service. All our chauffeurs understand and sign our confidentiality agreement; discretion is always a priority.

Our Service Guarantee For Your Own Private Driver

Will the chauffeur drive in excess of any speed limits?

Absolutely not! None of our chauffeurs will ever speed.

Will the chauffeur drive gently and considerately?

The chauffeur will always drive at safe and sensible speeds in accordance with road conditions, traffic and the legal speed limits.

Will my chauffeur respect my privacy and confidentiality?

Absolutely. All of our chauffeurs have signed confidentiality agreements (non disclosure agreements) with iChauffeur. What is said in the car, stays in the car.

Will my chauffeur chat to passenger(s)?

Our chauffeurs will be polite and discreet at all times. If the passenger would like to talk or ask questions then the chauffeur will then happily respond.

Will my chauffeur use a mobile phone whilst driving?

Absolutely not! This is against the law.

Will my chauffeur open doors for the passengers?

Absolutely. Not only is this more courteous, it is safer for the passengers too.

Will my chauffeur carry my luggage?

Yes, your chauffeur will always offer to help carry your bags and luggage.

Will my chauffeur be smart and wear a suit and tie?

Absolutely! They always wear dark suits, shirt and tie.

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We are the Best Safe Driver Company Dubai.
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