What is the difference between a good and best Safe Driver in Dubai? We wanted a definitive answer to this elusive question: What makes a great Driver? Are the greatest Safe drivers just outstanding butlers on wheels? Or is it something else?  Or is it a combination of factors? Drive on with us to help redefine what makes a great Driver in Dubai.

Redefining great Drivers
We asked two dozen, award-winning Drivers, the private hire press, mined feedback from clients, and of course the Awesome Drive Team. We received a variety of responses. And a lot of useful information to help polish our levels of service. But in specific areas, a strong consensus arose. We will reveal some key insights into the unique challenges that professional Drivers deal with daily. We hope you’ll find it interesting to discover what makes a chauffeur ‘Great’. Ride on, Ahmed.

So, what makes a ‘Best’ chauffeur?

Seat belt on, sit back, relax, as we travel in style through the most important attributes any professional private hire driver should have. Plus identify what differentiates the great, from the could try harder. We hope you enjoy the ride.

1. Safety

Safety first. Customers, chauffeurs, and operators all agreed this was non-negotiable. Good command of the vehicle/car at all times is essential. But does an advanced driving certificate always mean a good safer driver? And a relaxed passenger?

Saleem, an experienced driver said, “We ensure the day/journey is all about the client’s heartbeat. We plan for traffic on the roads, we plan for best weather, and we drive in a low-energy manner to ensure their heart rate is lower than before we greet them.”

A chauffeur-driven journey’s success should be judged by satisfaction per hour not miles. It is true, speed does not make a safe driver. The only achievement yardstick would be the smoothness of the acceleration and deacceleration.

Good car driving control, attention, awareness and unflappable cool are vital elements for a great driver. Safety first, second and third.

2. Punctuality

A good Driver is never late. Proper preparation and planning see to that. A great driver will allow a good amount of time between clients. Plenty of time to reach at the pickup point early. With time for the chauffeur to prepare the car before starts the journey. Sometimes this can help the customer too, for example, if the customer has a last-minute change of plan. Like safety, punctuality is most important for any chauffeur, not just the greats.

“Time keeping is most important. Ensuring plenty of time to arrive before the pick up time, so a Driver can check on traffic conditions, and plan the best route – whilst having alternate routes if a change is needed at any point.” writes Lee, a professional Safe Driver.

Long before the client steps into the vehicle, there is meticulous planning. Google Map may be used to check out entrances to certain buildings; opening times for theatres are double-checked; flight arrivals are monitored; potential route disruptions are anticipated; everything is researched.

The Professional Driver losing their way or not keeping to the time schedule is not an option. Preparation is vital. Remember, a great chauffeur is never late.

3. Topographical Knowledge

A great chauffeur would not only know the way around but also where to get the best fish and chips!

And of course, the Driver ideally would have a good relationship with the door persons of the best clubs, restaurants, casinos and hotels.

4. Personality

People’s Personalities are as important as driving ability. Someone who is both relaxed and confident; someone who is easy to be with. Someone who gives a ‘feel-good feeling’ to have around and take you to different places.

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