How to Avoid Getting into a Car Accident in Dubai Roads

A road traffic accident claims the lives of roughly 1.35 million people every year. Getting into a vehicle accident can result in injuries, financial difficulties, and even mental distress. To remember this, the Safe Driver Dubai understands that a passenger’s security and safety are more vital than anything else, thus they adhere to these guidelines to avoid mishaps.

Slow down when driving:

You won’t have enough time to respond or manage the situation if you drive carelessly, and you’ll be more likely to be involved in an accident that might result in catastrophic injuries. The quicker you drive, the more difficult it is to slow down, increasing your chances of being hit by something.

Stay in your lane: 

The most important thing to remember while driving is to stay in your lane. Most collisions occur when drivers fail to stay in one lane and attempt to overtake other vehicles from the sides. You must be aware that lanes are split based on the vehicle’s speed, and you must not drive in the middle of the lane. Because it has the potential to cause traffic congestion.

Drive with both hands on the steering wheel: If you drive with both hands on the wheel, you will be able to easily handle your vehicle in the event of an emergency. Imagine driving with one hand on the wheel and an emergency requiring you to turn, but you lose control while altering your position, maybe resulting in a collision.

Keep a safe distance from other vehicles: 

It is advised that all drivers maintain a safe distance of at least 10 seconds from the vehicles ahead of them. If the car ahead of you abruptly stops or turns left or right, you must have adequate time to react appropriately.

Use your car signals correctly: 

Even if you think no one is on the road, try to use your car signals. When changing lanes or making a turn, use signals.

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