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Anyone who has driven on the roads of the UAE would tell us that, in addition to respecting traffic laws, which is the most fundamental rule of road safety, drivers’ patience and forethought are also put to the test. Here, Awesome Drive Safe Driver Dubai will address the regulations of road safety in Dubai, which are especially important for individuals who like travelling and want to prevent accidents, penalties, and gridlock.

Driving Eligibility

To drive lawfully in Dubai, you must be eighteen years old or older and hold a UAE driver’s license or a license from another authorized nation. At all times, the driver has access to all of the vehicle’s necessary documentation.

Limits of Speed

Speed restrictions are clearly posted on all road signage. A motorist who is discovered engaging in any type of distraction, such as talking on the phone, will be fined. The UAE’s road safety rules contain a minimum and maximum speed restriction, and drivers who violate any of these two-speed limits will be fined heavily.

Overtaking Cars without signal is Prohibited

Overtaking cars from any direction without giving a signal will be deemed a breach of traffic regulations, and drivers must be warned that breaking traffic laws can result in severe fines.

Obey all traffic laws.

To manage any difficult scenario, the driver must be an experienced driver.

If you strike a car or a person while reversing, you will face severe fines.

Awesome Safe Driver, then Dubai advises a motorist to obey fundamental traffic regulations in order to avoid such scenarios. These are the following:

• All passengers must wear seat belts; avoid rash driving; avoid driving while intoxicated; obey traffic signals; avoid distractions

• Speeding is strictly prohibited.

Don’t dump your car’s leftovers on the road.

The traffic officials have taken a number of steps to keep the roadways clean. If you are caught tossing rubbish from your automobile on the road, you will be fined and your driver’s licence will be suspended for a year.

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