Drink and drive law & the punishment in UAE

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This article describes the UAE Traffic Law concerning driving under the influence of an alcoholic or narcotic substance or the like and the penalties.

Federal Law No. 21 of 1995 “Concerning traffic” as amended is the law, which governs traffic and regulates vehicles. The law also stipulates the sanctions for traffic crimes and procedures related thereto.

Drink and drive law UAE

Drink and drive law UAE

It is strictly prohibited for the driver of any vehicle to drive while under the influence of an alcoholic or narcotic substance or the like regardless of whether the consumption itself of an alcoholic or narcotic substance is legal or not.

It shall be understood that such restriction is based on the principles of the traffic safety, while the influence of an alcoholic/narcotic substances is affecting the driver’s capacity to have the control over the vehicle and increasing the risk of the occurrence of an accident.

According to UAE legal practice there is zero tolerance to drink while driving.

By virtue of the Article No. 10.6 of the Traffic Law the driver of any vehicle shall abstain from driving while under the effect of wine or an alcoholic or narcotic substance or the like.

Punishment for Drink and drive in UAE

The driver who violates this requirement shall be subject to criminal sanctions – imprisonment and /or a minimum fine of twenty thousand Dhs (AED 20,000) as per Article No. 49.6 of the Traffic Law.

The penalty may be imposed for both driving drunk and attempting to drive under the influence of an alcohol or narcotic substances and the like.

The person driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic or the like may be also arrested (refer to the Article . No. 59.3 of the Law).

In addition to the original penalties, the court may impose derivative measures:

  • Suspend the driving license for a specific period not less than three months and not more than two years) and deprive the convicted driver of the right to obtain a new license for a future period after the expiry date of the suspended license.
  • Deprive the convict from the right to obtain a driving license for a specific period if he does not hold a license at the time of conviction.

Deprivation of the right to obtain a license or suspension of one implies its invalidity during the period of suspension or deprivation as well as the illegality of obtaining another license during this period.

It seems that even after conducting campaigns and issuing warnings, there are still a lot of people who drink and drive. This is actually because, they think they can manage driving even after drinking. Most of them takes it as a carefree issue and what happens is that, they put themselves in risk and may need yo face bad situations.

The consequences that you need to face for a drink and drive offense is not good and almost 14% of the road accidents that occur in a year is due to the careless drink and drive issues.

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