We are living in a new era. Man which is social being now isolating ourselves to protect from Covid-19 coronavirus. The covid 19 pandemics has made changes in our life style and accelerating a system that was already on rise, contactless traveling.
Dubai government has already reduced the traveling restrictions due to covid 19, So Customers want to travel with no physical contact and the drivers also. This is to reduce the risk of infection by limiting contact with customers and other people that meet throughout the travelling process.
Awesome drive Dubai’s traveling protocol includes:

  1. One passenger is only supposed to travel in the vehicle unless people are from the same household or same workspace.
  2. Two meter social distance rule will be applied whenever it is possible.
  3. Both the driver and customer are directed to wear safety precautions such as a face shield, mask and gloves.
  4. If driver came to know they have contact with customers with covid 19, they will immediately be sent to self-isolation and withdraw from service.

Drivers of awesome drive Dubai are appointed after a 10 stage recruitment process. Experienced and distinguished in the art of driving, these men and women are the very finest in their field. Many of our drivers have 10 years of experience in awesome drive Dubai and are personally requested by the customers because of their high-level driving qualification and versatile skills.
To book a safe driver in Dubai, email info@awesomedrive.ae, call +971 52 894 8931 or visit https://awesomedrive.ae/ Prices are dependent on the individual request, however, a typical journey in Dubai is AED 80.

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