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Dubai is the best place to get a good job or grow businesses and this is the main reason behind a high percentage of expatriates in the city. UAE is giving everyone the opportunity to grow. The diverse and high population of the city is the cause of the highest number f cars in Dubai, it makes driving in Dubai more challenging than driving in most other cities in the world. Roads remain crowded not only during peak hours but also throughout the day.
If you follow all the rules on the road, your driving will be easy and convenient.
We are going to share the 7 things you need to know while driving in Dubai

1: Keep safe distance
Please don’t drive too close to the car in front of you. Use the “three-second rule”, always stay three seconds behind the front car.

2. Driving under the influence of drugs is a criminal offense in UAE
According to the traffic law in the UAE, driving under the influence of drugs is a criminal offense and is punishable. The fine for these violations including confiscation of the vehicle, hefty traffic fine, detention of the driver and even cancellation of the driving license. If you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, You can be caught on the spot and sent to the jail immediately. So make sure you hire a driver in Dubai after having a party. You can book for safe driver service from Awesome Drive as we are a safe driver company Dubai

3. Visibility
Cars with dark windows will have a very bad for outside clear vision at night so make sure you can see clearly through your windows even at night. Drivers should, keep the headlights of their vehicles turned on at all times when visibility on the road is significantly low like fog and dust storm.

4. Do not overtake a vehicle from the right side
A Safe Driver should only overtake from the left side in Dubai. UAE follows the right-hand driving rule so overtaking from the right-hand side is not allowed and it will be considered as a traffic violation. If anyone breaks the rule will pay the fines or penalties.

5. You will be charged the fine if you are driving below the speed limit in particular Roads
There is a minimum and maximum speed limit set for some roads in Dubai, so motorists should be aware of the speed limits and drive accordingly. On the various roads of UAE, where speed limits are relatively higher, driving too slow below certain speed limits can also be penalized by the traffic police. Driving too slow can disturb the flow of traffic and it can be caused by dangerous accidents.

6. Do not throw waste materials onto the roads from vehicles
If you are caught during throwing waste material from your car on to the road, you will have to pay high fines and black points will be also issued against your driving license.

7. Road hazards
There are some road hazards in Dubai like Camels and goats. You should be careful when driving through the outskirts of Dubai. Slow right down if you see animals on the road, they might hit and this accident can be caused by death, severe injury or car damage. If you kill a camel with your car you have to pay the owner’s blood money as camels are very valuable in the UAE.

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