Top 10 safe driving tips for Driver in Dubai

Top 10 safe driving tips for Driver in Dubai

1. Drive with caution
Never assume that another driver will drive sensibly on the road, some people make mistakes and a few people are bad drivers.

2. Stay calm
If you’re feeling stressed, stop somewhere and take an opportunity. Getting angry with other people and drivers will just distract you from driving safely. Bad drivers are a fact of life, if you encounter one just keep your distance and do not allow them to spoil your day.

3. Don’t rush or be impatient
If you’re late for something don’t take risks just to save lots of a couple of seconds – it isn’t worthwhile. Keep to the speed limits and do not overtake unless you’ve got to. Don’t frighten slower drivers by flashing your lights or tailgating them.

4. Don’t be distracted
Concentrate on the road, not on your passengers, phone, music etc. If your mobile rings, indicate, and steer during a safe place, if you miss the decision just call them back! If you discover your concentration wandering, you’ll be tired. Stop somewhere have a coffee and a rest.

5. Look out for pedestrians
Be alert and be careful for pedestrians in urban areas on country roads where they’ll not be a footpath. be careful for youngsters emerging from between parked cars.

6. Lookout for motorbikes, scooters, and cyclists
There is a chance to miss Small vehicles like motorbikes on the road. Take extra care at the roundabout and when changing lanes check your blind spot. If you would like to overtake a motorcycle allow much space because they’ll swerve or wobble. If there’s not enough space to pass safely, wait.

7. Look out for animals
Take care on country roads to observe out for horses and their riders. Pass them wide and slow. Be wary of smaller animals within the road, but remember that you simply should only attempt to avoid them if it doesn’t put you or another road user in peril .

8. Respect the speed limits and therefore the weather
Always drive within the speed limits. If you’re driving at the speed you’re less likely to be ready to stop in time if you encounter an unexpected hazard. Always drive at a speed that’s appropriate for the weather if you would like to avoid having an accident. Stopping distances will increase significantly if the paved surface is wet or icy, and reduce your speed in foggy or conditions where visibility is reduced.

9. Be aware of what’s around you
Ensure that you’re conscious of what’s happening around you in the least times. Remember to see your mirrors and signal before moving.

10. Driving license
Make sure you have a valid UAE Driving license and keep it with you while driving.

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